Ease Into Autumn with Great Music!

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Morning’s in the Pacific Northwest have greeted me with a little fog this past week. And then the skies clear and the sun shines brightly throughout the day, but I know that early a.m. moisture means that fall is not far off…

If we can’t prevent it, let’s embrace it, and maybe even dance with it!

To assist with both, I’m suggesting some great new music for you to add to your collection. Ease into Autumn with:

Lionel Richie! If you love old school, you’ll love “Hello From Las Vegas!” released just this week!

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Recorded at Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Hello From Las Vegas features Richie performing material from throughout his career, including beloved songs from his solo albums like All Night Long,” “Hello,” “Say You, Say Me,” “Dancing On The Ceiling,” and “Truly” and his time with The Commodores with “Three Times a Lady,” and “Easy”. The album also includes an inspiring performance of the landmark song “We Are the World,” which Richie co-wrote for USA for Africa.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Lewis Capaldi, a young Scottish singer/songwriter has exploded upon the scene with his single “Someone You Loved”.

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In interviews he has said the song was written with “open ended” lyrics purposefully so that it could apply to many different situations that people might be going through themselves, rather than being only about him. His inspiration came from a recent breakup and two bereaved losses in his family, but why it might resonate with you or me will be from our own experiences.

He says, “It’s very nice to have people come up to me and have their own reasons for why that song helped them or was important to them. It was nice to see the ways in which people are connecting to it. And it’s been alright, I think!”

“Someone You Loved” is from Capaldi’s’ Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent' album and is one of the most moving pop singles I have heard in a very long time.

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Blake Shelton has knocked it out of the field with the country anthem, “God’s Country,” his newest hit single.

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Blame it on my farming roots, my love of our land, or Shelton’s blue eyes, but “God’s Country” puts me in a proud as a peacock mood and it must be resonating with a LOT of people because it’s the fastest country single in the past year to reach one million track equivalents.

“As long as I’ve been making music I’m still shocked and amazed at the power of a song and I’m never prepared for it,” said Shelton. “‘God’s Country’ is an anthem for anybody and everybody who’s proud of where they come from. I’m honored to have been given this song from Devin Dawson, Hardy and Jordan Schmidt who are incredible writers.”

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Old school, pop, and country - three great genre’s to listen, dance, or sing along to as the warm nights change into chilly mornings punctuated by bright yellow school buses on the road. (A happy but bittersweet sight in early fall…) Enjoy!

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My Campus Comforts Sweepstakes

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We’ve reached the dog days of summer, that lazy, indolent time when the sun seems to never set, the A/C never shuts off, and school is but a distant memory… But guess what? The aisles are already stocked with dread Back to School supplies because in a blink of a puppy’s eye, September will be upon us.

Do you have a recent high school grad packing up their childhood room and nervously but excitedly readying themselves for campus life? Although I can do nothing for your heart, dear parent, grandparent, adoring aunt or uncle, I CAN help you send your newly minted college student off with a few creature comforts.

Write me a note (D@Delilah.com) and tell me all about this special person that will soon be navigating a strange town, meeting new friends, doing their own laundry, (except for those times they bring home a semester’s worth as a gift to you) and rising to the challenge of college curricula.

I’ll choose one entry at random, and send back my College Comfort Sweepstakes bundle that will include:

  • A set of the softest sheets available! PeachSkinSheets are made with a 21st century SMART fabric, they are high performance textiles designed to wick away moisture, keeping even the hottest sleepers comfortable all night long.

    PeachSkinSheets come in XL Twin Dorm, the size of most dorm mattresses, but you can order whatever size needed!

  • A $100 Gift Card from The Company Store! Use it on bedding or bath needs, pj’s or robe, a backpack or tote… smart and stylish storage solutions, a desk lamp or other accessories.

    If it’s needed, chances are The Company Store will have it!

  • How ‘bout a cozy, comfy, footed throw from my friends at PediPockets?

    Late nights, chilly afternoons, or early morning study sessions will be so much more comfortable with toes tucked to the perfect study or lounging companion, the PediPocket!

  • Music while studying? Maybe to unwind after an exam or in the evenings? I’m including three great CD’s too:

  • And, even though there will be more textbooks than the new student knows what to do with, having some lighter and some inspirational reading on hand isn’t a bad idea. I’m tucking in three books:

    • Northern Lights - My August Book Club pick, This autobiography by Kathy Parker is just in time for football season! Want to know what a woman from Jacksonville, FL has to do with a struggling football team in Barrow, AK??? Read Northern Lights, a beautiful reminder of how we’re sometimes called to the most unlikely of causes—and how, when we believe in something bigger than ourselves, we can change our own lives and the lives of others for the better!

    • Dare to Matter, by Dr. Jordan Kassalow & Rabbi Jennifer Krause. Have you ever had the feeling that the world was conspiring to tell you that you did not matter? Before Jordan had a “Dr.” in front of his name, he did. But he pushed back against that notion and has helped to restore vision and livelihoods to millions across the globe since. Rabbi Jen joins him in telling his story and inspires all of us to confront these feelings and Dare To Matter!

      * Jordan & Jen recently joined me on an episode of my podcast series, LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah. Want to be inspired??? Listen in!

    • One Heart At A Time, my book. When you’re busy living your life, it doesn’t really occur to you that much about it is remarkable… but I was so often approached and asked to tell my story, that I finally did. One Heart At A Time, is my attempt to fulfill the request of many that I share my secret to a full and blessed life. My hope is that it will somehow inspire you to follow whatever that little whisper in YOUR heart is, and you will step forward in faith and change the world, One. Heart. At. A. Time.

  • What’s missing? Snacks and beverages of course! But not to worry! One of my favorite treats - rich, buttery, Almond ROCA candy will satisfy any sweet-tooth craving! Brown & Haley also make some of the most delicious hot chocolate perfect for sipping on those fall days when the temperature is dipping and the test prep is heating up! And if that’s not enough, Jolly Time Popcorn is just the ticket after the cafeteria has closed. No one is going hungry or thirsty!

My mama’s heart is touched each year at this time as I watch parents, full of pride and apprehension, send their babies out into the world to follow their own paths.

Hopefully my Campus Comfort Sweepstakes bundle will help in some small, but comforting, way!

Enter before August 23, 2019, by writing to me at D@Delilah.com.

Include your name, mailing address, and a note about
your favorite new college student.

August Book Club | Northern Lights

It’s almost football season - or so all the football displays in the big box stores tell me… I don’t usually follow the sport on a professional level, but I was right there in the bleachers all those Friday and Saturday nights in Junior High and High School, cheering on my home team!

Buy link: Northern Lights

My August book pick, Northern Lights, is more about that variety of football - the kind so many of us can relate to, and the really positive influence school athletics have on raising strong kids.

The author, Cathy Parker, is a life-long sports fan, who married a former professional football player, and went on to bring up four student athletes. She’s experienced both the highs and lows of sporting and knows the challenges that come with committing one’s self to a team - it doesn’t just affect the individual, but the entire family.

She’s so very passionate about promoting student athletics that she founded Athletes to Champions, their mission, as shared on their web site is to “Help kids build character, learn discipline and value respect through sports.”  But the story of Northern Lights, is about some very specific athletes, so far removed from Parker’s intimate sphere, that it’s rather amazing a connection was ever formed..

After watching a documentary about a high school football team who played on a gravel field (often the cause of injury) in a town called Barrow, Alaska, Parker spearheaded a fundraising campaign to bring the players to Jacksonville, Fla., her home town, so that they could train.

Afterward, she started campaigning for the creation of a more modern field in Barrow, which is located within the Arctic Circle! Layers of permafrost posed an almost unsurmountable obstacle, and Parker had her work cut out for her!

Her book talks about the many many logistical nightmares involved in this undertaking, and how she grew in character and faith throughout the process. There is a LOT of distance between Jacksonville, Florida and Barrow, Alaska… this story is about bridging that distance through friendships, alliances, and determination and full of touching moments that make you feel as though you’re a part of the effort.

Although this particular game is over, reading Northern Lights, is much like watching it on replay. Cheer Parker and her supporters on from the sidelines all the way to the final scoring touchdown!

I love Cathy’s story, and Cathy herself. One more person who followed the whisper in her heart and made a difference in our world.

Pick up your copy of Northern Lights right HERE.

Red, White, and Blueberry Beet Salad


Here’s a fun, festive, 4th of July salad for your holiday table. My sister made this one up just for the occasion (and because she knows I LOVE beets, even if she doesn’t!)

It calls for 4 very basic ingredients as well as a basic vinaigrette dressing made with red-wine vinegar. You can whisk one up yourself, or use a bottled one you’ve purchased, whichever get’s the job done to your satisfaction and gets you out of the kitchen and back into the celebration as quickly as possible.

You’ll wow your guests (or your hosts) when you place this on the banquet table!

Red, White, and Blueberry Beet Salad


  • 5-6 large beets, peeled, cooked (you may boil or roast - your choice), cooled, and cubed

  • 2 pints of blueberries, washed and drained

  • 6-8 ounces feta cheese, crumbled

  • a bed of baby spinach

For the dressing:

  • ½ cup olive oil

  • 4 tablespoons red wine vinegar

  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

  • 1 tablespoon honey or agave syrup

  • 2 medium cloves garlic, pressed or minced

  • ¼ teaspoon fine kosher salt, to taste

  • Freshly ground black pepper, to taste


  1. Make the vinaigrette dressing:

    1. In a liquid measuring cup or bowl, combine all of the ingredients except oil. Stir well with a small whisk.

    2. Drop a single drop of oil into the mixture and whisk briskly, add another drop and continue to whisk, then add remaining oil in a stream, continuing to whisk until well blended.

    3. Taste, and adjust as necessary.

  2. Place cooked cubed beets in large bowl, add blueberries, pour viniagrette over top and mix well.

  3. Place baby spinach leaves on serving platter.

  4. Layer dressed beets and blueberries over the top of spinach, then sprinkle liberally with crumbled feta cheese.

  5. Refrigerate until serving.

Enjoy this salad, bursting with red, white, and blue flavor, as we celebrate our great nation’s birthday! I hope your 4th full of your favorite ingredients, and mixes up to be a happy and safe holiday!