Mother's Day

My Mother's Day Bushel of Blessings

My Mother's Day Bushel of Blessings

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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th!

Moms deserve to be celebrated! They gave us life, either because they carried us in their womb, or because they've carried us in their hearts.

They've taken care of our fevers, runny noses, dressed us, tended to our basic needs, our personal piques, and soothed our hurts and heartaches as we've navigated this big scary world.

Sometimes they've been in our favor, and as growing pains clouded our judgement, sometimes not. The thing is, we're ALWAYS in their favor. There is no kind of unconditional love like that of a mother!

Not sure how to celebrate your mom this Mother's Day? Well, simply being present is the best gift, I can assure you. Go out of your way to let her know she is loved and honored. Show your gratitude...

COOK FOR HER!  How many meals has this woman put in front of you? Mom's don't care if you know HOW to cook, they just care that you try.

Recall a special  memory you have of her and TELL HER.  All the feels! All the feels!

And, if you want to wrap it up with something that is wrapped up, I've got some suggestions: Music, books, candy, and flowers from some of my favorite radio program sponsors.*

*I'm giving away two (2) bundles of everything you see on this page! Read on for directions to enter my sweepstakes! 


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One Beautiful Dream. The rollicking tale of family chaos, personal passions, and saying YES to them both 
by Jennifer Fulwiler.

Popular radio host Jennifer Fulwiler was once a workaholic woman who never wanted a family; today she's a stay-at-home mom with six amazing kids.

Intimately relatable and ultimately redemptive, One Beautiful Dream celebrates the truth that sometimes the life we need the most is not necessarily the one we would have chosen for ourselves.


Kind is the New Classy
by Candace Cameron Bure

Kind is the New Classy is a book that shows there is power in kindness. Cameron Bure has spent her lifetime navigating these rough waters, finally finding her peaceful harbor. She throws a lifeline to those of us still swimming against the current with Kind Is the New Classyan insightful guide on how to stay true to oneself with grace.

“The secret," she has learned, "is kindness: it’s classy, unexpected, even counter-cultural, and ultimately wins the day.”


A Mother's Gift
by Charlotte Hubbard

Perfect for giving or just plain enjoying, A Mother's Gift is for every woman who has had a maternal figure touch her life.  In this uplifting novel, Charlotte Hubbard celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood, setting her inspiring tale amid warmth and tradition.

A Mother's Gift is a book meant to be shared.



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Brave Enough
Lindsey Stirling

Uber talented, dancer, violinist, spitfire, Lindsey Stirling, stirs hearts, souls, and your toe-tappin' feet!  Stirling serves up Pop, Rock, and Electronic Dance Music and Brave Enough won the coveted Billboard's Music Award Top Dance/Electronic Album AND Artist.

The album features Christina PerriDan + ShayLecrae, and several other vocalists. It includes  six instrumental tracks and eight with featured vocalists.

As a guest at my farm, she delighted a small gathering of family and friends, played with the baby goats (we named a newborn "Stirling") and became a friend. There is absolutely NOTHING out there like Lindsey, she's an original that you will love!


This House is Not For Sale
Bon Jovi

This House is Not For Sale is full of tracks that speak to Bon Jovi,'s past; the band, as well as Jon himself, and hope for the future.  The "four walls that have a story to tell" in title track symbolize the band members, their integrity, and brotherhood.  Bon Jovi is a generation-spanning perennial favorite!

This House Is Not for Sale, Bon Jovi's 13th studio album, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 . It's Bon Jovi's sixth US number-one album and it also became their fourth album in a row to hit No. 1 in the US.

Bon Jovi is an incredible supporter of Point Hope and an oft requested favorite on my radio show.


Only Human
Calum Scott

Have you heard me playing Calum Scott's You Are The Reason?  Scott has the clear, smooth, voice of an angel. His debut album, Only Human, speaks to exactly that. We are only human, after all. We love, we hurt, we heal.

Take Calum's intimate and personal journey with him through Only Human. Pop, Rock, Soul... As one of his tracks suggest, "I Won't Let You Down."



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Almond Roca (Prize bundle includes a handcrafted wooden gift box)
famous candy makers, Brown & Haley

Almond Roca has been around since 1913 and is still a favorite candy of many - including me! Made from only the freshest ingredients, the combination of crunchy toffee enrobed in chocolate and coated in almond nuggets is an unmistakable Brown & Haley specialty.  Mom will definitely be pleased with this gift, and she might even share! (Don't count on it though.)

Head to their website for a variety of delicious treats and fun recipes that are sahweeeet! 


$50 Gift Card
To use at Balsam Hill


Their artificial florals are designed and crafted to capture the beauty of natural flowers with breathtaking accuracy. From petals to leaves to stems, every detail is painted by hand and expertly arranged to achieve a florist-styled or freshly-cut garden look.

Balsam Hill  is a generous supporter of Point Hope, has shared a gorgeous wreath and a bundle of cheerful yellow tulips for me to use in the studio this spring. So bright, cheery, and uplifting!


Write to me at and tell me about the special Mom in your life.

I'm looking for your heart-touching stories. Two of the submissions will be randomly chosen to win the entire bundle of my Mom's Day picks, along with MY book, Arms Full of Love, and an autographed photo.

Sweepstakes will run
April 27th - May 8th, 2018.

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(Be sure to include your contact information, including mailing address when you write to me.)

To all mothers, THANK YOU for the job you do.

It is THE most important job on earth. I appreciate you!

Much love, 

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