Dedications: 888-6-DELILAH (888-633-5452)

Dedications: 888-6-DELILAH (888-633-5452)


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My Mother’s Day Bushel of Blessings

“I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck…” sang my mother to me.

And that’s inspired me to gather up this bushel full of blessings to send out to one of my faithful listeners. It’s a sweepstakes so there is nothing to entering but sending me a note, but if that note should include a story about mothering, it would make my heart happy!

This bushel of blessings include:

  • A lovely white forsythia wreathe from Balsam Hill

  • Three books: One Heart At A Time by Me, Mrs. Morhard & The Boys, by Ruth Hanford Morhard, & A Brave Face, by Barbara Marlowe & Teeba Furat Marlowe

  • Three CD’s: Greatest Hits from Train, LOVE from Michael Buble’, & Singing to Strangers, from Jack Savoretti.

  • And a comfy, cozy, fleece throw with foot pocket from PediPockets.

Click the link to read all about these fantastic items and to enter the sweepstakes!

Win a copy of Deep Harbor, my book club choice for the month of April!

Mystery! Intrigue! Romance! It’s all in Deep Harbor!

Beloved author, Fern Michaels, delivers once again with Deep Harbor. The story of AJ, her tumultuous life filled with loss and confusion, but through brave tenacity, hope and love.

I’ve got a hefty stack of April’s book club pick to send out to my loyal book club followers.

Enter my Book Club Sweepstakes; by writing to me HERE.

Tell me:

  • Why you’d like a copy

  • Your name

  • Your mailing address (Street or PO Box)

  • Any story you’d like to share about how you or someone else made it through a difficult time (or series of difficult events) to find peace and personal victory in the end.


Call me!  888-6-DELILAH (888-633-5452)

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If you made a dedication, shared a dilemma, or we were able to chat for a few moments, you can make a request for an audio download.  

Give us a little information about the date, time, and a few other things, and we'll make it happen!



In a world that can feel divisive and bleak, it's easy to get caught up in feelings of hopelessness, but the beautiful, glorious, truth is this: LOVE NEVER FAILS.

My podcast series, LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah, allows me, and my guests, to have more time than the typical few moments on-air to share what’s on our hearts with you.

I've had some of the most AMAZING guests join me! Talented artists, authors, actors... and they don't just share their latest works, we GET REAL about life and love and what motivates us.

Subscribe to LOVE SOMEONE and help me to change the world, One Heart At A Time!

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Check here for great recipes!

Food and family go hand in hand. Trying new recipes with my kids and cooking gigantic meals for the people I love gives me the greatest joy. I bet it's the same with you.

Come on into the kitchen!



 Stories from the homestead.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by family and friends nearly every minute of every day!  I live on 55 acres of paradise, where I tend to my faith, children, pets, animals, gardens, and life. 

Welcome to my home, come join us on some of the adventures!


Right now there are a half-million kids in foster care throughout America; less than five percent who will ever have permanency through adoption. 

Our Points of Hope chapters host programs that raise awareness and donations for local foster kids as well as events to lift their spirits and inspire them to dream big.

I founded Point Hope Ghana after discovering that 60,000 Liberian refugees were living on 140 acres, equipped to handle only 4,000. It was dirty, crime-filled, lacked clean water, food and every other basic necessity. It's an understatement to say it broke my heart; I was motivated to take action and help.

In the years of it's existence, Point Hope has saved countless lives, brought clean water, sanitation, nutritional and agricultural programs, women's training and education to these refugees. We've barely begun.

If you are looking for a life-altering experience, become involved in Point Hope! Your life will never be the same.