Everyone has a story to tell. I want to know yours!

  • Your soulmate: How did/do you know?
  • Your inspiration: What? Who? How?
  • Family: A mother's love, a father's heart...
  • Absent: Tell me about the heart of the one your missing.
  • Reunited: A friend, loved one, sibling, bio parents... 
  • Friday Night Girls: Who and how do you spend girl-time with?
  • Dog of the Day: What did your honey do to land in the dog house?
  • Angel of the Night: How did a stranger help you?
  • Recipes: I am always, always looking for yummy recipes!

Be creative, be real, be raw.  I want them all, your best memories, your heart-felt moments, your silly stories told on others and yourself, and food to nourish your body and your soul!

I've got a handy form to make it easy for you. Fill out and send away! Mail will always reach me at  

Happy writing,
             ~ Delilah

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