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I have had some of the most AMAZING guests on Conversations with Delilah! Talented artists, authors, actors... and they don't just share their latest works with me, we GET REAL about life and love and what motivates us. You'll get to hear some very personal stories and just may come away with a different impression of someone.

I've had the privilege of talking with Katy Perry, Miranda Lambert, Barry Manilow, Sam Smith, Michael Franti, Bart Millar of MercyMe, Wynonna, Lindsey Stirling... the list goes on! Authors, Max Lucado, Kritstin Schell,  and 5th generations tea purveyor, Stephen Twinings of Twinings Tea!

I also get to use this platform to talk about things I just don't have the time to go into on-air. Things like how to rise above the strife and stress of life,  living with addiction, and finding your personal joy and happiness. 

There are three different platforms you can use, choose your favorite, and subscribe to Conversations with Delilah, or use the STITCHER button and listen right here, right  now!  I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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