My Mother's Day Bushel of Blessings

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We reserve the second Sunday in May to honor mother’s and the art of mothering, for where would we be without these nurturing warriors?

That term, “nurturing warrior,” describes my own mother perfectly. Wilma Dean was a 6’ tall Ozark beauty, who lived and loved fiercely. Always ready with a warm embrace, a word of encouragement, and a hearty meal, she was also quick with advice or a deserved scolding, and you would never - I mean NEVER - come between her and one of her children! I’ll bet you know a mother just like I’ve described!

The song lyrics, “I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck…” were sung in my family home often, and has inspired me to send this bushel of blessings your way for Mother’s Day.

All you must do to enter is to send me a note. Of course, since you’re writing to me anyway… you know I love to hear your stories! Tell me one about Mother’s! I want to know about your mom, your partner’s mom, a phenomenal mom you know. Tell me about how you became a mom, and how the experience has shaped you.

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My Mother’s Day Bushel of Blessings

I’ve got some beautiful flowers to share with you from my friends at Balsam Hill!

Balsam Hill is always so generous to me and my listeners! They are providing this gorgeous white forsythia wreath to grace a door, a mantle, or any indoor space that could use a little brightening up. Advance technology has been used to create the most realistic faux foliage and flowers; this beautiful piece won't fade through the season, and will be just as fresh and lovely next spring!

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I’m including three CD’s in my bushel of blessings - Train’s Greatest Hit’s, Michael Buble’s LOVE, and Jack Savoretti’s Singing to Strangers. All three are newer releases and all three are fabulous!

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Greatest Hits, is just that - Train favorites like Drops of Jupiter, Hey Soul Sister, and Play That Song, and many others. Special guest, Kenny G, on a cover of Careless Whisper for example, is simply the best!

LOVE, is full of heart and soul, marking Michael’s return to music after a hiatus in which he devoted his time and attention to his son and family. Everyone feels the love when listening to Michael’s Buble’ - it seems like he’s singing directly to you!

Pat Monahan and Michael Buble’ have been recent guests on my podcast series, LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah. This platform allows me to talk to the artists about their work, yes, but also their lives, their motivations, their passions and their hopes and dreams for all of us. Give it a listen!

Singing to Strangers, is a new album I delight in presenting to you! Jack Savoretti, who has toured with John Legend, is a charming, talented, singer/songwriter and a household name in Europe, with chart-topping hits in England and Italy. Be careful, he’ll easily sweep you off your feet, and you’ll no longer be a stranger to his music! View the official Candlelight video and you’ll easily see why I’m so enamoured!

Three more blessings come to you in the form of BOOKS! An autographed copy of my own memoire, One Heart At A Time, as well as Mrs. Morhard and The Boys, about the mother that inspired baseball’s Little League, and A Brave Face, written by a mother-daughter team about triumph over tragedy and a how families are formed in never-imagined ways.

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In One Heart at A Time, I share my life with you and hopefully impart some inspiration for you to do what is in your powers to change the world for good, heart by heart. Don’t overthink, don’t over guess, just take one small action at a time. The shift you’ll feel in your perception of life will be all the encouragement you need to continue to reach out to others.

Mrs. Morhard and The Boys, by Ruth Hanford Morhard, was a Delilah Book Club feature a few months ago. Written about the author’s mother-in-law and what she did as a single mother to keep her young son busy, safe, and happy during the difficult years of the Great Depression. She could never have known that by creating a popular youth activity it would develop into what we today know as baseball’s Little League; you’ll love this story!

And A Brave Face, by mother-daughter team, Barbara Marlowe and Teeba Furat Marlowe. What does it take to become a mom? It’s a mixture of love, bravery, and tenacity as you’ll soon discover when reading about the woman who saw a picture of a little girl in Iraq desperately needing help and decided then and there, she’d be the one to provide it…

I hope the these books keep you busy through the remainder of spring; when the days are lengthening but still a bit chilly, and curling up with a cozy throw, a cup of tea, and some great reading material still sounds like a fantastic way to spend an evening or weekend.

Barbara and Teeba were also recent guests on LOVE SOMEONE! I encourage you to give that episode some of your time and attention as their story is truly touching and so very inspirational!

If my mention of curling up with a comfy throw and cuppa joe sounded good, you’ll be pleased to know I’m helping to make the vision a reality! I’m including a PediPocket blanket - a warm and cozy throw with built-in foot pocket that banishes cold toes forever!

It’s a little piece of heaven that I hope blesses you on Mother’s Day and every day!

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Blessing others just makes my heart happy! These little give-aways are a wonderful way to share good stuff with you and info about some of my favorite things.

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