Zena & Buttercup, an unlikely friendship

Zena and Buttercup

I have a zebra.

It's true. Call it a rescue. Call it an impulse. Call it an indulgence.... It's actually all three.

Zena the Zebra, was born in captivity, in the southern US, and her mother died.  She was taken in by a lovely lady that runs a rescue farm for horses. Zena is not a horse.

I heard about her plight, acted out of impluse, indulgence, and went into rescue mode... and soon I had a three month old striped firebrand in my stables.  

Zena is not a horse.

Zena is not tame.

Zena is a wild animal. Onery and cantankerous are more appropriate terms. We love her and let her be just who she is, with a beautiful green pasture to frolic about in, proper food and care. But we all felt badly that this beautiful creature was alone.

Gypsy, my beloved milk cow, had a calf, whom we named Buttercup.Gypsy, as some cows do after giving birth, could not get up again. We put forth a valiant effort, enlisting the help of a sling, a fork lift, prayers and constant care, but she simply could not do it. We lost her.

But we had Buttercup.

And Buttercup had Zena - whether Zena initially wanted her or not. Buttercup became hers.

The two of them have been inseparable for three years now. Their friendship is famous around the farm and our community. Seeing them together makes my heart happy. No one should be lonely.

Are YOU lonely? If this cantankerous zebra can open her heart and find friendship in such an unlikely place as an orphaned calf, surly you can find your person.

Find your pasture, get out there, frolic about. Find someone to share the good and the bad with, and who will ALWAYS make you feel like kicking up your heels and smiling with!