Quintin Conway: Perspective Tuesday

Quintin, his gorgeous wife, Lori, and their four beautiful children.

How many of you saw my Facebook post yesterday about a man that had a "God moment" and despite the fact that he was having a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad day, was able to notice a woman in the parking lot of the store he'd been shopping at, sitting in her car...?  

He noticed her while, "feeling sorry for himself" and what caught his eye was the fact that she was bald.

This man, in a hurry, and in a tiff, felt compelled to turn around, go back into the store, buy some flowers, knock on the woman's window and say something like, "I know this is weird, but I just wanted to give you these."

Of course what ensued were tears on both ends and the profound recognition on the gentleman's side, that things can always be worse.  He doesn't know the lady, or her situation, but if you're sitting in your car, reading, and have been through some trauma that made you lose your hair, you might need some cheering, was his thought. Need it more than him.

Perspective Tuesday, he called it.

Well, I posted that little uplifting video (watch it HERE) on my Facebook page (along with a tongue-in-cheek caption that I was thinking of adopting him...) and WOWZA! Over 8 thousand likes, 9 thousand shares, and soooo many comments! One of them from Quintin Conway, THE weepy, grateful, man behind the video.  

I HAD to talk to this guy!

I replied to his comment and ask if he would give me his number so I could speak to him? He did! We did!

Delightful? Yes.
Down to earth? Yes.
Humble? Yes.
Kind? Yes.
Embarrassed by all the attention? YES!

We talked, we laughed, we prayed.  I'll air the call toward the beginning of tonight's show, please be listening!