Can I Come Garden With YOU?

Can I come garden with you???  The fabulous folks at The Home Depot are giving me an opportunity to do just that!  

I love to share my love of gardening. So I asked my Home Depot friends to help me out, and they have!  I get to visit YOUR home, help plan YOUR garden, shop with YOU at The Home Depot and then work next to YOU planting and installing!

It's called The Home Depot Spring Visit Sweepstakes.  I haven't been so excited about something in a loooong time!

Here's what you do:  Click on the link, fill out the Delilah's The Home Depot Spring Visit Sweepstakes form, giving us a little information abut yourself.  Also tell us what you've got going for a garden now, and what you hope to have going... In 50 words or less, of course!

I hope you'll mix in some ornamentals and some edibles! Did you know a strawberry bed provides some unbelievable colors in the fall? The leaves of the plants turn all sorts of yellow, orange, red, and purple!  Blueberries mixed in to your borders will provide delicious fruit full of antioxidants, as well as height and variety to your winter scape.  Marigolds, my grandparents taught me, keep slugs and bugs away from vegetables...  

We can only give this fantastic prize to one lucky winner  - I want it to be YOU -  so enter today!

Let's do this! Sign up HERE.