Change the World for Good

As I am out in my gardens, or playing with baby goats, laughing and loving with my children and grandchildren... I try to remember to pray. To pray for those who are going through storms.

As I frolic about in our mild Pacific Northwest weather, I am called to remember that others are not so fortunate. Others are quite literally running for their lives; tornadoes, floods, devastating wild fires...

And there are personal storms; heartache, despair, addiction.  Yes, I try to look at the world through rose-colored glasses; to always look and celebrate the positive. That does not mean I don't know or understand that there is real pain and sorrow and despair in the world. And so I pray.

If you are weathering a storm, I am praying for YOU.

If you are not, I hope you are praying for those who are.

If you've made it through, I encourage you to be a mentor to someone who has not.  

This is our calling; to change the world for good. One. Heart. At. A. Time.

Be kind, be loving, be there for those who need a shoulder, a hand, a heart. Start with your family. A parent, a spouse, child, aunt, uncle, cousin... Start with a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker. Start with the barista that makes your coffee just like you like it, before you order. Start with the grocery checker, the janitor that cleans your office, the door man...  

Start in your inner cirlce and expand your love outward to your local community and the community at large.  Once you've begun, you'll realize you never want to stop. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, fills the heart and the soul like helping others.  You'll never have a job that pays more, has better benefits, or a richer retirement plan, than helping hearts. 

Change the world for good. Change the world for God. Your world will be changed forever!