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Set in a small Midwestern town at the close of the 60’s, This I Know by Eldonna Edwards, is a unique novel about a preacher’s third daughter, named Grace, raised with her sisters, Hope, Joy, and Chastity.  Welcome to June and my newest Delilah’s Book Club pick!


I was growing up in the same era, in a similar small town on the coast of Oregon, and most of the views and beliefs in the book’s community were shared in mine. I was immediately transported back to the halls of my school, my parents front steps, and felt the stares and whispers at Grace’s back when I opened the cover of This I Know.

Grace is gifted, which makes her different. Differences were to be feared and so her way of glimpsing people’s memories and secrets, and sometimes even their futures, was labeled witchcraft. Her minister father called it a sacrilege. It was to be kept secret. Grace calls it “The Knowing.”

This I Know is a lovely story about embracing the unknowable, about the redeeming powers of acceptance; self and others. Author, Eldonna Edwards, writes in a diaristic tone, the daughter of a pastor herself, who grew up in a large Midwestern Family. 

An amazing book, by an equally amazing author, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know you will too! 

For more info about This I Know and author, Eldonna Edwards, visit www.EldonnaEdwards.com.

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