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I have a huge family; lots of kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, my hunky hubby, siblings, and dozens of loved ones that have crossed from friends to family. I also have an amazing career that has taken me to places, physically and metaphorically, that I'd never dreamed possible. I have a home, and property, and animals... And I'm always asked, "How do you DO it?!"

That question always makes me laugh. I have no idea HOW I do it. I just do. I live my life in the ways that make me feel fulfilled. It's the most beautiful mess. I gave up trying to plan and organize and "balance" before the idea ever really came to me. 


My May Book Club choice, One Beautiful Dream, The Rollicking Tale of Family Chaos, Personal Passions, and Saying Yes to Them Both is a similar story.

Author, Jennifer Fulwiler, "has it all" in spades. 

A self-described introvert, work-aholic and atheist (amongst other titles) with a blood-clotting disorder doesn't seem a likely candidate for a half dozen kids, a radio program, and a life that becomes grounded in faith and chaos, but (spoiler alert), there you have it.

Take the journey of One Beautiful Dream with Fulwiler, inhale and exhale, at all the dips, turns and plot twists as this beautiful thing called life unfolds for her.

It's no accident I chose this book for the month of May - the month of Mother's Day! It's a great read for moms with kids still at home (especially the guilty-feeling ones), moms with grown kids (you'll all be able to relate in many ways), grandmothers (ah, the wisdom) and those best friends that will be brutally honest while loving you through hormonal pregnancies, nursing nights, diaper days, and questionable nutritional choices.

Pick up a copy of One Beautiful Dream today for yourself or a gift and be sure to check back in with me with your feedback! 

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Happy Mother's Day to anyone who has nurtured a child. You are so appreciated!

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