O Edwin Where Art Thou | New Music

I'm super thrilled to be telling you about an artist this week that you all know, even though you might not know you know. You know?

I've played Edwin McCain, over and over and over, on my program for many years. You've chosen his two biggest hits over and over and over again for your weddings, anniversaries, and dedications to the loves of your life. You have. I promise.

If you're having trouble placing the name, you'll remember "I'll be" and "I Could Not Ask For More." Two of the greatest, most requested, most played love songs ever recorded!

But today I'm going to tell you about his NEW stuff. This Friday, August 12, his new EP, O Edwin Where Art Thou, will be released. But guess what? You can listen to some of the tracks TODAY!

It is McCain at his gracious, soulful, story-telling best; and I love it!

Head on over to iTunes and listen to the guy The New York Times calls "The Great American Romantic."

The Stage says the EP "...combines rock, pop, blues, and folk, for one diverse sounding album that stands as McCains best work of America's most vital rock singer/songwriter."

I agree with both. Edwin's romantic heart and incredible musical talent has deepened and matured over the years, but his boyish charm hasn't changed a bit!

Neither has his giving nature. Edwin has been so generous to donate some very special items to be auctioned off for my favorite charity, Point Hope.

You can bid on signed sheet music for two of his new singles, HOME and 8 Miles from a Paved Road... AND (this is soooo awesome!) Edwin will record an outgoing phone message for the winning bidder of this auction!


THAT, my friends, is way cool!

Catch up with Edwin McCain on tour during the months of August and September in the following cities:

August 14 | Carolina Beach, NC | Keep The Beat Alive
August 17 | Phoenix, AZ | Crescent Ballroom
August 18 | Los Angeles, CA | Regent Theater
August 19 | Las Vegas, NV | Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
August 20| Agoura Hills, CA | The Canyon
August 21 | San Juan Capistrano, CA | The Coach House
September 14 | Annapolis, MD | Ram’s Head On Stage
September 15 | Homer, NY | Center For the Arts
September 17 | Pawling, NY | Darryl’s House
September 18 | Newton, NJ | Newton Theatre

You don't even have to get that close to the stage to see his eyes sparkle and his smile dazzle. One thing's for sure; his music will delight!

When Edwin isn't busy crafting music, he's busy at boat craft. Not the kind in the bottle either. Edwin fell upon a passion refurbishing boats some time back, and now does so in ways you and I might never be able to imagine.

You can find him on Animal Planet's Flipping Ships, where not only his handiwork will impress the heck out of you, but his quick wit, and that dazzling smile I was talking about will draw you in and make you want to take to the high seas... or a neighborhood lake, river, stream...

For all things Edwin, visit his web site at edwin.com, and tell him "Hello!" from Delilah.