YOU Matter

My goal each night is to help lift some of the weight of the world off your shoulders and remind you to put your focus back on what is good, what is right, what is true, and what really matters.

So what matters?

Love matters. Relationships matter. People matter. Every single person matters.

Little people, infant people, disabled people, elderly people, rich people, poor people, people of color, religious people, and non-religious people, my people and your people.

Everyone single soul matters. They have value, they have worth. They have passions and dreams. Even when people make bad choices and do bonehead things, they have good qualities that matter. Even terribly evil people matter, if for nothing but the lesson of forgiveness and hope of redemption.

There are billions of people on this planet; every single one of them matters.

Here’s the really cool thing: Out of billions of people who live now and those who lived before us, no two people will ever be exactly alike. We are all a unique piece of art. Nobody sees things as you do, or has experienced things exactly like you. Nobody’s fingerprint can match yours. Nobody has a heart or mind or feelings exactly identical to yours.

You are a wonderful creation, made for a purpose. You have a purpose in this world. All those gifts, all those talents, all those skills...your snarky personality, your weird sense of humor, your love for animals, your affinity for comic books, your knack for being neat...whatever it is that defines you is a gift.

And the things that make you uniquely you can change the world for good.

YOU are unique. There is, was, and will be no one on earth like you. That’s why you matter...