Cookin' It with Kix | September Book Club

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Can we just start out here, by saying I wish Kix Brooks would invite me over for dinner? Too much? How 'bout lunch? Still too much? Ok, Ok, brunch... But pleeeeease, invite me, already!

My September book club choice is a little different from the last few picks, because it's a cook book.  Not any old cookbook (is there such a thing?) but a cookbook from Kix Brooks, yes, THE Kix Brooks, from the famous country duo, Brooks & Dunn.

Turns out, besides being a super talented country recording artist and performer, besides being the most chill TV and radio host, besides being just a super nice, super funny, low-key kinda guy, Kix is an AMAZING cook!

His new book, Cookin' It with Kix is all about CELEBRATING with food. I've chosen it for September because the nights arrive earlier, the air is a little cooler, tailgate season is upon us, and that all adds up to me thinking about food. Good food. Fun food. Family, friends, happy times, and THAT is what Cookin' It with Kix adds up to as well.

Speaking of tailgate season, here's a guy that knows a little something about that:

“There’s nothing that touches a man’s heart more than great food and this book delivers from page one. Good eatin’, folks! Oh, and make sure to keep that bottle of Tums close by.” 
- Terry Bradshaw

The recipes are inviting and encourage you to give it a try. In it for 20 or 200 guests? This book's got it! Kix patiently and humorously takes you through the how-to of a perfect fish-fry, shrimp boil, and many more cooking experiences you might have never tried. You'll want to pop on over to the Cookin' It with Kix site too, for some really great "how to" video demonstrations. Watch the Watermelon Cucumber Salsa come together, learn how to stir up a Grapefruit-Basil Sangarita, and many more demos!

I mean, if Reba gives you a quote, you KNOW it's a good thing!

“Whether it’s on or off stage, I always have a great time with Kix! I’ve gotten to hang out with him for more than a decade and I’ve loved every minute. It’s also a fun experience to have dinner with Kix. He loves food. I can’t wait to try out the recipes he’s selected for this cookbook. He’s a very diversifed person. Whatever he sets out to do, he throws himself into it with a passion and does it very well. Enjoy!”
-Reba McEntire

One thing I love about the book, as I'm in a rather soggy area of the land, is that even though it's a grillin' book, there's a "take inside" option for every recipe. So when it looks more like Moby Dick kinda weather out my window, I can still cook it with Kix! 

Pick up your copy of Cookin' It with Kix at and tell me all about the recipes you're trying. (And will someone please whisper "Invite Delilah to dinner." in Kix's ear?)