Martina McBride | Band Against Cancer, The Sarah Cannon Tour

Head over to Martina's web site to find out more about the artist and listen to the emotional single, Just Around The Corner, in support of cancer patients and everyone struggling with something.

Recently I chatted with the lovely Martina McBride and we got caught up on ALL SORTSA' THINGS! Like, what moving out of her teeny tiny home town (population under 200) into the big city at age 19 was like for her (and her nervous mama.) Singing in bars until 3am most nights, hanging out with older people, and what she calls 'the wrong crowd.' 

Enter her husband, who she is still crazy stupid in love with to this day.

Martina says they laugh together every day, he even thinks SHE'S funny! A very passionate man, she says he's gained patience with age, and they have never been happier! So amazing to hear and to share with you all that True Love is a real thing!

But about Band Against Cancer, The Sarah Cannon Tour...  Martina tells me what she is doing (5 shows) is a privilege. How she believes that she was given a gift and it's her responsibility to give back. Amen.

Sarah Cannon Research Institutes not only treat cancer patients, they treat the whole family through support and services that allow the patient to be surrounded by the people they love while they endure treatments. Amen and Amen.

Martina speaks of her single, Just Around The Corner, with such passion. "We all struggle with something," she says, "we are all dealing with something, large or small..."

I'm teaming up with Martina to give away a trip for two to Nashville, TN to attend the Band Against Cancer: The Sarah Cannon Tour concert on October 26, 2016! For your chance to win, please share your story about a cancer hero or heroine you know in 50 words or less. One winner will be randomly chosen.


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