A Recipe for Christmas Joy

I love to cook and bake and can and preserve.  I'm always looking for and trying new recipes - aren't you? 

Here's an old favorite of mine that as many times as I've attempted it, even though I'm sometimes a little heavy on some ingredients and sometimes a little short on others, it turns out perfectly every time. I've written it down for you and I do hope you'll try it and report your results back to me!

Christmas Joy

Prep time - minutes 

Serves a multitude


2 1/4 cups Faith

1 tsp. Promise

1 tsp. Gratitude

1 cup (2 sticks) Belief

3/4 cup Wonder

3/4 cup Awe

1 tsp. Generosity

2 large scoops of Patience

2 cups Laughter 

The light of 1 North Star


In a small bowl combine Faith, Promise and Gratitude. Set aside. In a large bowl, whisk together Belief, Wonder, Awe, Generosity & Patience until creamy. Gradually combine mixture of small bowl to large, stirring together evenly for a smooth consistency. Stir in Laughter, and at the last moment add in the light of the North Star.

Recipe will begin to rise immediately and will double in size every day. Begin serving as quickly as possible, multiple servings per day recommended for maximum benefit.  Excellent when accompanied with a slice of Glee and makes an elegant presentation along side a full goblet of Glory.

Keep for yourself and give as gifts to friends, neighbors and strangers.



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