More Christmas Magic

This time in the form of a six-legged reindeer with an unusual name that lives in my youngest daughters magical imagination. I'm sharing a picture and a description of this beautiful creature in her own words: 

"Once upon a time there was a six-legged reindeer, named Popppop QA (you say it Pum Pum Pum) that Santa brought me for Christmas.  He had buttons on him that are red and green that you push to make him go and rock. It's what I asked Santa for. 

My reindeer has a ladder on it for me to climb up and a saddle that has a pad so my bumbum doesn't hurt when I ride him. His six legs help him walk faster. I am going to ride him up the hill and we are going to jump and fly in the air!

I am going to give Santa a present. It will be a really cool present that has sparkles and is going to be a pretty hat. I am going to make it. It will be easy because I'm going to copy his hat with the red thing and the white thing and the round thing, but I am going to put sparkles on it.

This is a picture of me riding my reindeer and I am wearing my red Santa Clause dress, but you can't see it because I only had a pen."

~ Delilah Jr. age 6

My wish for you is that these next several weeks are filled with simple, magical, perfect gifts and moments! That you aren't too busy to spend some quality time with people that it would mean the world to. That you are able to take a deep breath when you find yourself stretched beyond your capacity and remember that a babe wrapped in swaddling clothing has little to do with an iPad wrapped in sparkling paper.

Join me in the evenings on a local station or iHeart Radio and let me add some joy and levity to whatever it is that you must face after a long and tedious day.  I'll be here, playing your Christmas favorites, lending and ear, and giving advice where I think it might be helpful. 

Joyeux Noel my friends!  

~ Delilah


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