Norah Jones | Day Breaks

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I love to bring you new music that I think you will love. And I think you will love this: Grammy award winner Norah Jones new album, “Day Breaks.”

Norah is a perennial favorite of mine and her music is oft-requested on the show. Day Breaks is Norah at her familiar best.  I’ve followed her since 2002 and her single “Come Away With Me” debuted. Come away I did, every time I heard it play, and the rest of the world did too. She called that her “moody little record”  and it might have been, but the shift it caused in the perception of pop music of the day was anything but little. It was HUGE.

Day Breaks takes us back to those times, with Norah at the piano, wooing us with her sultry voice while she draws the most hauntingly lovely melodies from the keyboard.

I’m very pleased to have permission from Norah to share her sweet new music video “Carry On” here on my site.

Watch. Listen. Enjoy. 

Day Breaks is available everywhere music is sold including: