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Fall fell. Yes. It. Did. Fell right into my lap!

The shows crew and I open the front gate and walk upon a carpet of yellow and gold and red and brown leaves, past bare branches and fading hydrangea blooms, up the steps and into the studio doors...

Just yesterday we were taking breaks on the deck under the the big sun-brella, today we gather around the fireplace sipping hot tea. Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere!

My studios this year are all dressed up for the fall season thanks to an amazing new sponsor, Balsam Hill.  I first started chatting with the folks from Balsam Hill this summer and they said, "Hey, we want to send you some things." And oh how they did!

Tearing open boxes brings the kid out in me!

Box upon box arrived through the studio doors... A few staffers and I were like gleeful kids tearing open each one and oohing and aahing at what was inside. Swags and wreaths and twiggy things! Things that light, and things that glow, and things that would make you say OH! if they weren't so darn cute! 

Many of the pieces were from their Autumn Abundance foliage collection, which fits my "vibe" perfectly; very natural with leaves and berries, and little pumpkins, full and rich with all the heartwarming colors of the season.

In the studio with Balsam Hill

Minutes after everything went up I was sitting at the microphone chatting with Kristen Chenowith, and looked over to see a couple of jack-o-lanterns grinning pleasantly at me. 'Course, I grinned right back! They are spooktacular! It was such an unexpected lift.

A couple of staff members told me after we decorated that they were getting excited the closer they came to work the following day because they knew what was going to greet them. Think it has something to do with the vintage spider candy bowl, which office manager (and bestie since the 4th grade) DeeDee has filled with treats?

Let's face it. We're never too old to dip into a candy bowl!

He's too cute to be spooky!

The studios, as some of you may know, are located in a century-old home that I purchased the very day that Zachariah was born. This is where we lived until moving to our rural community and the farm several years later.  My older son and his wife moved in after I left, and they brought their new babies home to this house. Now, my show is produced out of rooms I used to sing my children to sleep in.

Coming here is coming home and Balsam Hill has made it a beautiful autumn experience for all of us that work hard at making the Delilah show something that you can come home to.

Come home to Balsam Hill

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