Faith, Family and The Rest | A Visit with Masterbuilt McLemore's

Faith, Family and The Rest.  Amen.

Sometimes in life you meet friends in unexpected ways.  This happened to me recently when John and Tonya McLemore came to visit the farm and demonstrated some Masterbuilt products (a new sponsor of mine.)

John's father started Masterbuilt many years ago, and I love the story of how the company got its name...  Dawson McLemore worked for Goodyear Tire Company, but had been making and building products and selling them out of his truck for some time. One day, he was driving home from a long sales trip and was on the cusp of making the decision to quit his job and focus on his family business.  

He looked into his rear-view mirror and saw stunning sunset, at that moment he offered up a prayer that went something like, "God, I'm going to take a chance on this company, You are the Master, I am the builder, if you will help me run this company, I will name it after you."

Masterbuilt was born.

When John and Tonya first got into town late one evening, they stopped by the farm just to say hello and get acquainted before the big cooking-party the next day.  I was in my studio taking calls, and John listened in...

It was all I could do to stop him from pressing buttons and taking over my job as advice-giver! He LOVED, I think as much as I do, hearing your stories. He was full of compassion and grace and humor. We talked and laughed and told so many stories, it was like he and Tonya were instant family!

The following day, the McLemore's returned along with Alicia, from their marketing department, and prepared a feast for us!

Alicia and I crack up while she serves up a healthful side.

They showed me how to use their electric smoker, which was super simple and the most delicious foods came out of it: Smoked sausage and smoked pimiento cheese spread, smoked tenderloin and smoked mac-n-cheese...

John shows off the Smoker full of smokey goodness!

They also demonstrated their new countertop Butterball turkey fryer. I did the honors of dropping the bird John had injected with savory spices and Tonya had coated with even more, into the sizzling peanut oil.  68 minutes later, this 18 pound bird came out tender, moist, and to die for!

Donuts? That's a big YES!

Donuts? That's a big YES!

John led us in prayer as we all sat down to eat this meal prepared by visitors that I expected to be rather stiff corporate-type salespeople, but in reality were just like the kind of people I enjoy hanging out with everyday!

It's no wonder the Masterbuilt slogan is, "Dad-gum That's Good!"  That's about the most honest way you can describe the vittles prepared on their products. 

Faith, Family and The Rest, this is how John describes the mission statement of Masterbuilt and their lives. It is evident in the stories he tells, his description of his family, from his dad to Tonya and their children, and in the way he places the Masterbuilt employees squarely in the family realm.  They have a good thing going!

I have a couple of great podcasts of my visit with John, listen in!