The Magnolia Story | November Book Club

I was tickled to be able to chat with this delightful couple recently and we talked about a whole lot-o-things! Turns out they've been Delilah fans from waaaay back when they were dating and doing a lot of driving. They even said they call me "Aunt Delilah," which is just wonderful!

I got the scoop on the secret(s) to their happy marriage, how faith and family are EVERYTHING, and so much more.

Listen in here:



Fixer Upper? Magnolias? Chip & Jo? Monikers that have exploded upon the American scene recently. What's it all mean? Who are these people? Why do we like them so doggone much?

Oh come on! You know who they are and you know we don't just like 'em, we stinkin' love them!

HGTV brought us the wild hit "Fixer-Upper" with Chip and Joanna (Jo) Gaines, the dynamic duo from Waco, Texas. 

Chip is the crafty (talented, athletic, and handsome by his description...) contractor, and Joanna is the gorgeous, classy, creative (MY description) designer that transform lonely, forgotten, often quite sorry houses into warm and inviting homes for their clients.

They've won the respect of viewers with their undeniable skills, but the hearts of America with their honest, down-home sincerity, their integrity, their commitment to faith, family, and community, and of course, Chips silly shenanigans.

The Magnolia Story, my book club pick for November, is THEIR story. It is one of hope and hard work, of shaky ground, of seeking balance, one of losses... and one of Gaines. In essence it is the story of the Great American Dream come true.

Meander through the book aisle at the Gaines
Magnolia Market
for your copy of The Magnolia Story.