Miramar Bay

Firefly Cove | January Book Club



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We've rung in the New Year, and I stayed up until midnight "just for fun."  Last week I was up waaaay past the clock striking twelve but it was because there were so many things to be done; pies and cookies to bake, gifts to be wrapped, and last minute footed pajamas to be found and rush ordered...

And between these weeks? There were books to read! Glorious, lose yourself in the story, make the world go away, introduce me to new and wonderful character, books!

Among my favorites, and the one I chose for Delilah's January Book Club, is Firefly Cove by Davis Bunn. In it, we go back to Miramar Bay, the setting of Bunn's previous novel (If you haven't read it, pick up BOTH books!) and get to know Lucius Quarterfield. 

thumbnail_Bunn%2c Davis - Credit Paul Wheeler.jpg

Lucius was born dying. The poor kid wasn't expected to make it long because of his "bad ticker." Perhaps it was because he knew he had to cram a whole lifetime in whatever time he had, but Lucius was a determined kid, who became a focused teen, who turned into a  successful entrepreneur with 11 car-dealerships to his name at the ripe "old" age of  28...

Alas, it seems as though the end really IS in sight and however many minutes, days, weeks or whatever Lucius had left, he was determined to spend it near the only person who had had ever really captivated his weak, irregular, imperfect heart; Jessica.

"A novel rich with rediscovery... Readers will be particularly swept away."
Publishers Weekly.

This novel is one that will draw you in and have you rooting for love no matter how cynical you've become. It's about first, second, and last chances, it's about hanging on and letting go.

Pick up Firefly Cove by Davis Bunn at AMAZON, and while you're there, buy Miramar Bay too!

Happy New Year, my book loving friends. I hope 2018 is filled with kindness, love, and book after beautiful book. Start it off with Firefly Cove!