February Book Club | A Dog Called Jack


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Everybody knows how crazy I am about my animals, my pups especially. My beloved Sophia got me through some of the worst times - she intuitively knew when I needed her to snuggle close and allow me to hang on for dear life.

No surprise that my February Book Club pick is about another lovable mutt; A Dog Called Jack, by Ivy Pembroke.

Jack is the slightly scruffy but always affable, social butterfly of Christmas Street, befriending those who need him most - whether they realize it or not. A widower recently returned to London, his young (friendless) son, the old and grumpy, the young and flirtatious, the shut-ins and shut-outs…

Everyone falls in love with Jack because he loves them without asking a single thing in return (although, as dogs will, he’s not too proud to accept the odd treat, chew toy, and scratch behind the ears!)

Jack builds his family by forging connections between neighbors who otherwise mayn’t have taken notice of each other at all and even those who may have taken notice but decided to look the other way. Jack, a small, smart, scruffy dog along with his new friends Sam and Teddy succeed in bringing all the inhabitants of Christmas Street together.  Hmmm, there’s a lot to be learned from this little canine companion!

Making connections is kinda my thing, so Jack and I are kindred spirits in that way. I think you’ll feel a strong connection too, when you pick up your copy of A Dog Called Jack.

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I’ve got a few copies of this beautiful hard-cover book to give away. Write to me and tell me your thoughts on forging new friendships, a special dog in your life, or just why you’d like a copy of the book.

Happy reading!