Our Perfect, Precious, Pets

Sophia L'rin

Sophia L'rin

Waaaay back in April, I asked my listeners and social media visitors to share some stories and pics of their talented pets.

This just in, the pet talent category of cuteness is really really full! I get it. Most of my furry friends aren't much use at all, but I sure do love their company and their antics.

Just recently I lost my beloved Sofia whose talent was being my constant companion; at my heels in the day, my lap in the evenings as I spent time in the studio, and cuddled tightly against me through the night as I cried  in grief over my son, Zachariah.

I'm dedicating this post to her, Sophia L'rin, and to pets everywhere that entertain, comfort and love with all their furry, fuzzy, hairy, and sometimes hairless hearts!

The first story is from Lisa, a volunteer who makes little angels to give to those in nursing homes, children in foster care, and others who could use a little reminder that they are loved and watched over from above. (See her story HERE)

Gizmo, Hope, and Lisa

Gizmo, Hope, and Lisa

We have two very special pets. One rescued from a shelter almost 4 years ago, my silly puppy Gizmo, who's pretty smart...  If I start getting worked up about anything, he jumps up on me and licks me 'till I chill out. He's helped me on the rough days after losing my Mom, and sits in my lap while I am working the 1000 Angels Movement project.
Our 2nd special pet is a baby rabbit named Hope, who was the runt of her litter and was given to us because she needed a home; she's been a very good addition to our family. Gizmo even has taken her under his wing and is very protective when we get her out of her cage. She loves to snuggle, nudge me on the chin, and give bunny kisses! ~ Lisa


This brief, but adorable note is about Jack. I'm glad you shared, Karla, because Jack certainly brought a smile to my face!

Happy Jack

Happy Jack

I saw your fb post about cute pets.  I guess Jack's isn't a special talent, but looking cute is what he does best.  Wanted to show him to you. ~ Karla






And from Jacky, (not Jack, he can't write) comes the story of Odin, just a pup, who may or may not grow out of his feline tendencies...

This is my 4 month old puppy Odin who thinks he is a cat. This is him sitting on the back of the couch waiting for me to let him. It's probably one of his favorite places in the house. ~ Jacky



An actual cat, Mr. Tigger (is he bouncy trouncy, or just a contortionist?) gets himself in some pretty tight squeezes:

This is Mr. Tigger, 17 years old.  He somehow, magically, got into this tiny little box, inside of a large box.  He really didn’t fit.  I accidentally woke him up taking the picture, so I got “the look”.  lol

My cats love watching bird videos! ~ Tammra
Mr. Tigger

Mr. Tigger

And lasty, comes this beautiful story of Sid, the rescue pup, who, much like my Sophia, knows when TLC is needed and provides it aplenty!

I saw your post asking people to post or send pics of talented pets, so, here's mine! This is my pit mix rescue, Sid! I got him from our local shelter when he was 8 weeks old 😊.
He has a few special talents. The first one is his ability to eat ANYTHING. From dad's entire jiu jitzu gi, to a bunch of tiny screws he found in a cat toy kit... Sid finds a way, and thank goodness it has always gone smoothly 😂. I tell him I'm going to start packing the house into a safe when I leave for work!
Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.58.08 AM.png
Another talent is babysitting. He's good with any baby... human, chicken, dog, cat, bunny... You name it! He once babysat 15 baby chicks at one time. He's the most gentle, loving boy!
The last talent I'll mention is his ability to take care of his mama. Not only is he a great little protector (he has an intimidating bark... But he's all bark, no bite), he's also a wonderful doctor, haha. I was hit by a car in January, and luckily, walked away with just sprains and bruises. While I was home healing, Sid was always close, and paid special attention to my injured leg and arm. He'd lick my hurt foot, elbow, and knee, and gently lay his head on my leg and just stare. We called him Doctor Sid, and figure he prescribed me snuggles, which is perfect, because his snuggles really are the best medicine ❤️🐶.
Sid says he hopes you like his talents!
Love, Lindsey

I DO love his talents, Lindsey, as well as those embodied by Gizmo, Hope, Jack, Odin, and Mr. Tigger! Thank you everyone who shared their stories and pictures with me, and in doing so also shared your life and your love.

You're all very special people with very special pets. You lift me up and I hope all those that read this blog will feel the same.

God bless!

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