August Book Club | The Mission Walker

My August Book Club pick, The Mission Walker, by Edie Littlefield Sundby, is about this:

There you are, you've made it through 79 rounds of chemotherapy and had radical surgeries on your liver and lung performed, and still you're told you have only 3 months to live... 

What would you do?

If it were me, I might go on a cruise with my family to celebrate the life I'd had and to say goodbye in a joyful way, while pampering myself at the same time.

That was NOT  Edie Littlefield Sundby's reaction. This actually happened to her. Know what she wanted to do? Needed to do? DID do? How about walk 800 miles along the California Mission Trail, averaging 14 miles a day, and stopping at life-giving missions to revive her body and her soul? If that's what you thought, you were correct!

And THEN guess what she did? She wanted to walk MORE. In fact, she yearned to walk the ENTIRE Mission Trail, from it's start in Mexico, you know, the one no one had traversed for over 250 years?!

And so she did, all 800 miles of it, 

"For me, walking is a transcendent physical, emotional, and spiritual experience, like dancing. "If I can move, I am not sick.” That is my alternate reality. And I believe with all my will in that reality. So when cancer strikes again and again, I walk to stay alive."

So say's Littlefield Sundby about her adventure(s) past, present, and future. Each step is in-step with her faith, determination, and relationship with God.

"The Mission Walker is a marvelous book, a moving meditation on the relationships between courage and faith, endurance and transcendence." Randall Sullivan, Creator, The Miracle Detective, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

"Edie Sundby’s account of her amazing trek along the entirety of the California Mission Trail is not only captivating and inspiring but also one heck of an outdoors adventure." Les Standiford, Author

"This powerful story of determination and faith will stay with you forever." Ken Budd Journalist/Author

“… a powerful narrative that takes us through the author’s harrowing journeys, inward and outward.” JoBeth McDaniel Journalist/Author

"There are parts of this book that I couldn't pull myself away from.... that left me with profound messages. Incredible memoir!!! Incredible woman!!!! 5 Stars" Elyse Walters, #3 Top Reviewer, Goodreads

This story is not about avoiding death. It’s about living life.

Take a walk with Edie Littlefield Sundby, read The Mission Walker, to be awed, inspired, and grateful for every new day that the dawn brings to you and each and every step you take toward your future.

In stores August 25th!