Smurfs | The Lost Village

Smurfs, The Lost Village.  Opened April 7th!

Smurfs, The Lost Village. Opened April 7th!

In theaters NOW!  ***  Watch the trailer HERE

Looking for some Spring break fun?

I’m singin’ the blues, but not the way you probably think! There is a NEW Smurf movie out and It.Is.Awesome!

Smurfs take me waaaaay back to when my oldest (now a married father of 4 and a police officer!) was just a little one. He loved to get his Smurf on, and I grew to love them through him.

The Smurfs are back on an all new adventure that kids and adults alike will love! This is and is not like the Smurfs you knew before. Same adorable, brilliant blue buddies of old, with…

New characters (Willow, Blossom, Lily, and Storm,) new voices (Demi Lovato, Danny Pudi, Rainn Wilson, Joe Manganiello, Mandy Patinkin, Jack McBrayer, Julia Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez, and Ellie Kemper) and a brand new adventure!

In addition to writing and performing the song “I’m a Lady” for the film, Grammy winner Meghan Trainor will also voice a role in the movie.

Are we alone or is there other Smurf civilizations??? The search is on for The Lost Village. Team Smurf must make it though the Forbidden Forest, a mystical, magical land full of both threatening and hilarious creatures.  If other Smurfs are out there, they will find them!

The kids and I got a sneak peak and we were in stitches nearly the entire movie.  I found it to be relevant, diverse, and funny! As always, the Smurfs are all about camaraderie, team work, tolerance, and optimism, as well as respecting (their) natural world. Timeless and universal values we can’t share enough. 

I especially appreciated the strong, bright, funny female “Smurfettes” who were capable of anything they set their marshmallow minds to! These girls have obviously been listening to the Delilah program, because they know all about finding one’s purpose and putting heart and soul into it.

This is a great family movie you’ll truly enjoy taking your kids to… or not; there is no shame in adults enjoying a new take on good old-fashioned entertainment without kids in tow. (And for he record, I KNOW my 22 year old Shaylah and her beau will be going on date night!)

Smurfs, The Lost Village is playing in theaters NOW.
This Spring Break, get your Smurf on!