This Life I Live | March Book Club

by Rory Feek

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Getting to know Rory Feek has been a soul-warming experience. If I ever held stereotypes as  farmers being anything close to tough and unfeeling, I certainly dispensed with any such notion after a long endearing chat with this man. He is pure heart and emotion!

Why he started the blog he could not say. Something compelled him to do so, so he did. There were things he needed to put into writing, but at the time, it wasn’t clear what those things were.

When his wife, Joey, was diagnosed with a rapidly spreading cancer, Rory Feek knew the reason behind This Life I Live.

Chronicling the journey neither of them were prepared to take and letting the world take it along with them, Joeys’ story, the tenderness of her heart, and the message of God’s love was sent to millions, like the smell of sweet jasmine floating on the air.

Readers, by accident or compelled by others, signed up for the blog and felt their own hearts swell with love for this woman, her baby girl, and her husband.

But it was more than that. I was the outpouring of Rory’s life, before, during, and after Joey. It was the story of a boy and man lost, found, and even though reeling with grief, still solid because of the doors Joey had unlocked, walked through, and let God in.

The blog became a book, and the book is now available to you. This passage in This Life I Live is a great summary:

“There are chapters in a person’s life that you don’t want to write. Things that you don’t want to talk about. I would’ve thought for me it would be parts of my past that I am embarrassed about or ashamed of. But, strangely, I don’t have any problem writing about those things. I can see now where they have led and what they’ve taught me and how important they are to the bigger story that God has been telling with my life. And my hope is that in my being honest about who I was . . . who I am . . . that it might encourage someone, the way that my wife’s courage in life and in death has encouraged me and others.”

Read This Life I Live. I was inspired, you will be inspired.