Love | It All Begins with YOU

Hello February. Hello month of L.O.V.E.

February is welcomed here like the Mother Ship returning to the outpost with fresh supplies and news from home. (Pardon, so many of my children are sci-fi fans, I’ve begun to speak their language!)

The Delilah show is ALL about love, peace, and acceptance; every hour, every day, every single month of the year! But if it’s possible I’m going to be talking about love even MORE during February.  Romantic love, of course, and eternal love. The love between family members, friends, and our communities…

Today, I’m going to start at the beginning: SELF.

Self-love? Isn’t that narcissistic? No. That would be self-worship. Self-love is all about inner peace and acceptance.

Accepting yourself the way you are, where you are, who you are. Accepting your circumstances, and if they are unpleasant or unacceptable, channeling your energies into changing them.

Do you accept yourself?

It is hard, no impossible, to accept others if you do not accept yourself. If your inner-dialogue is constantly chanting “not good enough, not smart enough, not capable enough, not pretty or thin enough…” that negativity radiates outward. How in the world can you accept others when you are so critical?

You can change. Speak to yourself kindly, change the tone and the words of your inner-dialogs; like you'd want a friend to talk to you. Remind yourself that you ARE smart and capable. Look to your strengths, and the things you find beautiful about yourself and acknowledge them.

If you’ve been looking for answers in self-destructive choices, habits, or addictions, you won’t find them there. Seek help for patterns that put you back in unpleasant situations. Join AA, AlAnon, NarcAnon… all are free, all WORK!

Wonderful things happen when you have reached a level of acceptance of self. You are at peace, you exude that something that people find hard to define, but often call a "glow," a "spark," a "strength." It is love.

Accept who you are Right.This.Minute. then move forward and spread the love and acceptance to others.

The sharing of love, peace, and acceptance... that's the mission of the Delilah radio program. Judging by how many of you tune in night after night, allowing me into your cars, your homes, and your lives, it's a welcome gesture.

YOU are valuable, you are smart, strong, and you are loved so very much, don't be shy about spreading a little around - start with yourself!

Outpost to Mother Ship: Welcome!