Chatting with Robin Roberts | Everybody's Got Something, Season I

Listen to a snippet of my podcast with Robin

"Hard Times as Blessings"

Robin Roberts and I first met in New York City a few year ago through mutual friends,  my accountant, Fred Myers, and Julie Lennon (both of whom are Point Hope board members.) We had an instant connection; she was in radio before television and was a country girl many years ago. Not long after that, I was invited to be on Good Morning America to talk about my book, "Arms Full of Love". We've kept in touch since that first time Janey and I met her for lunch. 

Robin has a huge heart; she's involved with so many projects and is dedicated to her family and her friends. She has been in a battle for her life and has done so valiantly and with courage, grace, good humor, and inspiring tenacity. 

Her new podcast is an opportunity for her to talk more in depth and in detail with people that she believes has a story that will also inspire.

I am honored that I was one of the first she chose to chat with during her first season. 

We talked about faith, our families and the unique ways God has brought us to the places we're at today. We talked about how we hope to heal some of the wounds of the world by sharing love and hope with others.

Robins parents were huge influences in her life and she has stayed close to her siblings and extended family. Her older sister donated the bone marrow to save Robins life four years ago and she shared with me how her sister said she felt like she was born "for such a time as this"...

Robin is tenacious and tender at the same time. A woman I love and admire!

I'm thrilled for her new Rock'n Robin, "Everybody's Got Something" podcast series and looking forward to listening and learning from her many guests who come from incredibly varied walks of life.

You can listen to a snippet of our conversation via the link  to the left, but you can download the full version via iTunes... for FREE!