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May I introduce you to someone special? Please meet my friend, John Ondrasik, better known in the music industry as Five For Fighting.

John is my friend. He is also a board member of Point Hope, a voice for forgotten children, which I founded. We share a passion for the people and causes it supports, along with a love of what else, music. John is a crazily creative, talented, amazing, giving, loving human being. In short, he rocks.

Some time back, many of you were introduced to John in a different fashion; When Superman (It's Not Easy) topped the charts. Superman became a sort of anthem for a post 9-11 America. Why? Because it was deep, meaningful, and a nurturing salve on a suffering soul. We were all suffering then.

And he's done it again. This time with Born to Win, which debuted last night in the season finale of American Ninja Warrior (NBC). When talking about his new single, John says, "As most of you know my passion for sport and family it's not hard to imagine where this tune bubbled up." I know this song will be so much more to you than a soundtrack.

This is an ode to father and son's; it's about growing up, taking those first steps and winning in life - not winning The Game - but winning in LIFE no matter the path you decide to take. I expect it to be bubbling up for years and years to come in all the expected and many unexpected places.

John always tells a beautiful story, reflecting the beauty of his heart. I am grateful to be able to call him my friend, and thrilled to introduce him to you.