Prayers for Flooding Victims

KTDY Transmitter, Lafayette, LA

Such devastation!

The clean-up effort begins!

Flood waters are expected to crest today in Louisiana, where over 7 lives have been lost and more than 30,000 people have been stranded and required rescue.

One of our affiliates that carry Delilah programming, KTDY in Lafayette, suffered sever damage and was forced to go off-air.  My heart is with them and all the homeowners and businesses that face the immediate fear and danger as the storm rages on, and the uncertainty that will follow.

Please join me in offering up a prayer for all those affected by this disaster.

Lord I pray your hand of safety and guidance upon all the victims of the regions under flood conditions. Bless these people Lord and keep them safe. Do not let the flood waters steal their lives. Drive back the floods to protect their homes and their precious animals. Bless the first responders and the volunteers working to keep people safe. God I pray you would quiet the storms and chase the rain clouds away. Amen.

For those who feel a calling to help, please click on this link which has agencies and contact information that are currently assisting the endangered.

CNN: Louisiana Flooding Victims HELP

Thank you for your caring hearts and willingness to help however you are able!