The Shack | August Book Club

For August, I've chosen to tell you about a favorite novel of mine, The Shack.  Yes, it's been out for several years. Yes, tons of people have already read it. Yes, I've told you all this before!

But I'm telling you again because it's good, and I think you should read it, and I can, because it's MY blog... so there! ;)

Mack Phillips is a father of five, with a typical-ish life (if there is such a thing with five children) that changes, as things do, in the blink of an eye.  While he rushes to save his son from drowning after the boy's canoe capsizes, his young daughter, left alone on the shore, disappears.

This isn't a sweet little story filled with sunshine, roses, and happy endings for all. It is a journey through loss and pain and doubt and Great Sadness. 

It might be considered a bit fanciful, the way that The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost manifest themselves, and certainly does not follow strict scriptural concepts. 

Because, it's a novel.

The Shack, is a read that made me think. It made me feel. It made me question and affirm.

It's a book YOU should read if you haven't already, and re-read if you have.

Also, it's being made into a movie starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, and my friend, Tim McGraw!

Which is why I was thinking about it again, as I've been chatting quite a bit with Tim lately, and feeling thankful to him for his huge heart and generosity.

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