Mother's Love: A growth supplement

Janey and Jesse

Janey and Jesse

I love to garden!

No matter where I've lived, the size of my yard (or if I've even had a yard,) I've planted something.

Today I'm fortunate to live on acreage, and I plant a LOT of somethings.  Greens, grapes, fruits, veggies, and flowers, flowers, flowers.

Watching things grow from a seed or seedling, and stretch and bloom and mature into an intricate, intriguing something else fascinates me. 

Like kids.

Producer Janey did not share my enthusiasms for such things for a very long time.

And then it happened.  

Why? She claims its a mystery. But I know better.

God placed a child in her arms, and that child became her life, and she began to watch it grow. 

And she nurtured it and it nurtured her. It became strong, and solid, and thriving on a miracle grow sort of compound called Mother's Love.

And of course, flowers and veggies were a natural course of action - in my world anyway.

Janey spray painted on a green thumb and went to work.

She hired landscapers and gardeners and bought a pair of pruning shears.

When the paint began to wear off, it left a slightly green stain. And that stain has become deeper and darker, and happily (I believe) quite permanent.

And now she thinks she can out-do me... With her rhododendrons, flowering vines, sugar snap peas, and tomato plants. Ha!

Thus was born #GreatGardenWars. But more on that later.

Gods gift to Jane is now 16, still thriving on Mother's Love, but resistant to it's application. So Janey, like I and millions of mothers and others worldwide, turn our nurturing to things a little more basic and a little less willful.

Enough food, enough light, enough warmth, and these things will grow and thrive and produce, and they rarely talk back.

Their cycles remind us of the natural balance and order of life. To every thing there is a season.

But motherhood is forever.