Sandcastle Kings | November Book Club

The holidays are just around the corner and so many books are about religion and God.  In my November book club selection, Sandcastle Kings.  Rich Wilkerson uses powerful stories from the bible and relates them to everyday life and how we can truly find happiness in this very crazy world.  

The world seems to have figured out the formula for manufacturing material success, but when it comes to finding true, lasting happiness, we are as lost as ever. We yearn for more, or less, or something that's just different from what we have right now. Deep down we know there must be satisfaction for our longing. We just don't know where to find it.

In Sandcastle Kings, Rich Wilkerson uses four powerful stories from the seventh chapter of Luke to explain why spiritual fulfillment cannot be found in ourselves, in other people, in material things, or even in religion. Wilkerson wants you to understand that the only answer for your spiritual bankruptcy is Jesus and that until you turn to him you we may never experience the lasting peace and joy that we all hope and pray for.

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Rich Wilkerson makes religion cool. Especially for the millennial generation which is so busy living in a past-paced, tech-driven world that sometimes they forget to look up from their smartphones and be inspired.  And that's exactly what Rich does, he inspires us to always make time for faith, no matter how busy we are, and he does it in the most relatable, entertaining way. It's like having a best friend who can guide you through struggles, heartache and life's biggest worries. He constantly amazes me with his love of all people and his genuine desire to help us all.  He is the real deal. 

-Guiliana Rancic, Host of E! News, Fashion Police, and author of the New York Times Bestseller Going Off Script

Pastor Rich is one of those rare people who always lights up the room and makes everyone feel like a priority. His optimistic advice and his passion for the Word of God are contagious. He has had such a positive and enlightening influence on my family; we are so blessed to call him our Pastor and our friend.

- Kim Kardashian West

"Thank you, Rich, for revealing this truth that we are all sandcastle kings. This book is a powerful reminder that God is our one true source for solid ground. While material things crumble away, God's firm foundation remains! It's time for us to drop our shovels and allow Jesus to take over."

-Christine Caine, Founder A21 Campaign & Propel Women

"Growing up with Rich I knew he would impact people but I underestimated by how much. I witnessed him writing some of this book on a vacation when he sat down and couldn't type all his thoughts out fast enough. I knew he was on to something and after reading Sandcastle Kings, he delivered. I'm glad he gave up some of that trip to remind us about the importance of life's foundations. I'm forever changed."

-Jason Kennedy, E! News Co-Host

"Rich has a voice for this time and this generation. He writes and speaks with clarity and passion. If you long to know you're building your life on a foundation that will last-read this book!"

-Sheila Walsh