Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child

I never really thought of myself as a "middle child". Gifted computer hacker? Check. Fashion trailblazer? Double-check. Finest prankster in my sixth grade class? Triple check, but then something happened. Things messy, you see I did something really bad, and I mean really, really bad. Bad enough to get expelled for, bad enough to have to move cities for, AND even bad enough to be sent to a shrink for.

At first, I thought Dr. Scales was just a sad old man with a hazardous dandruff problem, but you know what? By the end of the summer, I was a changed girl. But then in our last session, the day before my brand new middle school life was about to start, he gave me a mission:

Find the most bullied, friendless, hopeless, laughed at, lonely girl in the entire school and befriend her.

Her name was Marta the Farta and you could see her from space, she was that bad. She looked like a homeless Disney princess. Her teeth were the color of butter, her hair defied gravity and provided homes for small animals, and yes, she loved to fart. But she was also the most talented gymnast I'd ever seen in my life. We're talking Olympics time and all she wanted was to get on the gym team, but the mean girls wouldn't let her. So anyway, this is the story of how I changed her life and yeah, alright, fine, how she changed mine.

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"In her first book for children, adult author Lennon (Making It Up as I Go Along) offers a fast-moving story with a satirical edge." 
-Publisher's Weekly

"Readers will admire the unabashedly quirky Charlie as she embarks upon her journey of self-understanding and transformation with verve." 
-Kirkus Reviews

"Confessions is a funny story with a fresh and sassy, winning heroine who develops into a loyal and resourceful friend, daughter, and sister." 
-School Library Journal