Point Hope Nutrition

One of the primary areas of interest is that of nutrition. We focus on children and adults who our are malnourished or starving; using the UN's guidelines to make our determinations. A variety of tools are used to bring the under or malnourished up to a healthy state of being.

For over 12 years Point Hope has been providing healthy, hot, nutritious meals for malnourished and starving children. Much of the food we provide we raise in our organic farm; vegetables, poultry, eggs, fish and goats are all raised organically and the foods prepared for the children, the vulnerable, and disabled adults. 

Using my own farm in the US as a testing ground, I learn and apply new and better farming techniques which are then adapted for Equatorial climates. Nationals in Ghana and throughout West Africa are then taught how to grow their own organic healthful food! It's all about independence and sustainability.