Be an Instrument of Peace

You know what they say about people who spread rumors...whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. Beware of hanging around someone who is divisive and gossipy. That kind of person is only happy when they're making others unhappy.

I have a friend who invited her crazy sister to come live with her, and now her world is upside down. The sister is turning daughter against mother, the kids are fighting, and there is turmoil in the house where there wasn't before. Sis is making a big mess and causing a lot of strife in the household. 

There is enough craziness in the outside world, and home should be your one place of peace. It should be your place of comfort. Now, my home isn't always "peaceful" per se with a bunch of kids, cats, and dogs running throughout, but it is a safe place. Anyone who threatens that safety will be shown the door.  Anyone who stirs up trouble will be set straight.

You can't always control the crazy around you, but you can try to be an instrument of peace wherever you go. You can choose whether you will let the crazy, the negativity invade your space, or you can choose to ignore it and lead by example in the way you treat people. 

Check your attitude today. How have your conversations gone lately? Are you feeding into toxic negativity, or are you trying to be the peacemaker? I hope you're that 'safe friend' people can feel comfortable around because it's a much healthier way to be. 

And I promise each night I will try to bring a note of serenity into your evenings so you can brush off the negativity of the day. I will try to take you to a place in your heart that feels like all the safe comforts of home...