Just Keep Breathing | March Book Club

There is an insightful book out now from the acclaimed speaker, Reggie Dabbs.  He is one of the most sought after public speakers, who specialize in speaking to children in school.  The book is “Just Keep Breathing” and it is in stores now.

Reggie was a product of the foster care system, raised by amazing parents.  He speaks to kids with humor, compassion and experience.  His book “Just Keep Breathing” is a reflection of what can happen to some of our forgotten youth.  “Just Keep Breathing” gives a voice to young people and advice to the adults in their lives that may be helping them navigate through those tough years. The book contains real life experience shared with Reggie and his honest responses.  You will find “Just Keep Breathing” both honest and inspirational.  Since I share with you often the joys of having foster children I wanted to share this book with you. Learn more here.


CLICK HERE to purchase Just Keep Breathing.