Merry Christmas! May your world be complete.

Lived in, loved in, my home is my (cluttered) castle!

Lived in, loved in, my home is my (cluttered) castle!

The other night my husband Paul and I were invited to a family member’s home for a Christmas party. We arrived a few minutes late, and although there were about 20 others in attendance, we had no problem parking in the huge drive.

The entire evening was lovely; soft Christmas music was playing, coming from speakers hidden in the walls.  Those who enjoy wine had a great selection to choose from and delicious food was served. Lots of laughter, and some fun stories were shared.

After our meal, we were given a tour of the house; every inch was beautiful. The owners designed it, had it custom built, and it was obvious how much love and care went into each detail. It's one of the prettiest houses I’ve ever been in; large and comfortable with an astounding view.

The wife's father had been a photographer with the US Navy and throughout the house were beautiful photos of mountains, valleys, majestic tree scapes and the New York skyline! One room flowed into the next, each one more lovely than the last. A small wine cellar was a wonderful feature as was the kitchen/great room with sweeping views of the bay.

As I was looking at the spacious rooms, cherry accented hard wood floors, andperfectly matching furnishings I had a moment or two of “perfect house envy”. Not of the house so much, I love the lay out and design of my farm house, but more of the pristine condition of the home. The floors didn’t have a single scuff mark, the hard woods had not so much as a lonely dust bunny hiding in the corner, and the windows were hand-print free! Even the dog's quarters in the laundry room was neat and clean! (my lab drools half a gallon of slobber when he thinks he hears a single kibble falling into a bowl). 

When the evening was over we said our goodbyes and got settled in the car, without missing a beat my husband said “It’s really a very small price to pay honey”….

”What?” I asked, not knowing what he was talking about (I hadn’t said a thing to him about my covetous feelings.)

“The beautiful house, the clean floors, the furniture without felt pen marks, it’s all gorgeous, clean, comfortable and lovely, but their kids are grown and gone now. It wasn’t always that way, I knew them when their girls were young and there were barbie dolls and crayons everywhere.

Our farm house is messy because it’s lived in,  because the kids and the dogs and our friends are in and out, in and out, all day. The clutter, the dirty dishes, the ruined hard woods are a small price to pay for the love and laughter that we get to experience each day.

You are never going to have a clean house because you are never going to stop wanting to raise kids who have no one to love and care for them.

So stop looking with envy at their clean marble counter tops and let’s go home”...

He was absolutely right, which is why I love him.

Merry Christmas everyone! May your lives be filled with everything that makes your world complete and may you feel the love of baby Jesus in your heart! 

"Junior" as she now insists on being called, reveling in the glory of Christmas gifts!

"Junior" as she now insists on being called, reveling in the glory of Christmas gifts!