My Visit with the Incredible Ms. Cyndi Lauper!

Go to YouTube to listen to Cyndi's Hard Candy Christmas!

Hosting Skating in Central Park has been a tradition of mine for nearly 20 years! There is something so magical about being in New York in December. The weather is cold and crisp, sometimes there is snow. Watching the skaters glide by so gracefully (some not so gracefully, but kudos for trying!) and more often than not, I get the privelege of watching someone drop to a knee and ask THE question. Magical.

This year I'm not sure if there were any proposals because I was distracted by another wondrous event; a visit from the abso-freaking-lutely incredible Ms. Cyndi Lauper! Talk about holiday sparkle and spirit! There's an undeniable magic about this girl who wants to have fun, and wants everyone else to as well!  

She is kind and honest, sincere and giving, and just as beautiful as when I first viewed her in a music video around 1985. A determined activist, nothing keeps this feisty lady from living her life true to her passions, convictions, and colors!

I so enjoyed our chat and meeting her handsome and gracious husband, David. Listen in as we talk about Christmas traditions, hard candy, and oranges on the radiator!