Make Time | Share Your Story

I often encourage people to make more time to do the things you love to do. In this crazy busy world, it’s not easy to find time to feed your soul amid everything else you must get done.

I'd like to share a letter from a listener in response to my encouragement; I love how Jennifer combines doing something she loves with a simple act of service…

Good afternoon Delilah,

I have a very special friend that is currently serving our country overseas. We struck up a friendship when I bought some cookies on the internet and they were mailed to him via the company I purchased them from. Not knowing who would receive them, I received a "thank you" email and we have since become friends.

In the beginning of one of your daily emails you said "Do something you love to do." I love to bake and share my goodies so I did. I mailed my friend a package that weighed almost 34 pounds! It will be shared with other troops as it's too much for one person to eat.

Please say a prayer for my friend and the other troops. Will you pick a song to play for the troops still overseas?

Thank you,  

Actually, I’m not so sure baking 34 pounds of cookies is a “simple act."  On the contrary, it sounds like a lot of work! But as long as Jennifer loves to bake and it makes her heart feel good,  she doesn't consider it work anymore. I love this.

If you have a story about doing something you love, an action, a deed, or a service... Or perhaps someone did something nice for you – Share Your Story with me today!