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Delilah on American Forces network - Radio

Welcome! I am a loud and proud supporter of our men and women in uniform. I've created this section of my web page for you; those who are serving, those who have served, and the family and friends that bear much of the weight of your absence.
My grandfather, Bud B. McGowne, a farmer and sole supporter of his family, enlisted in the US Navy at age 42 because he felt compelled to serve his country during WWII. My brother, Lt. Matthew M. Luke, joined the US Air Force as an officer after graduation from college as an engineer. Numerous young men and women from my home town enlisted in the service after high school... and years later I said good-bye and good luck to my children's classmates.
Several years ago I was asked to be a part of a USO tour in Afghanistan. I cannot put in to words how the experience touched me and I've never felt so proud and humbled as when I was asked to be an honorary Air Force Reserve Member.  My military roots run deep, and my pride and gratitude deeper still.
This section is meant to be a safe, warm, comforting place for you, the brave, to come home to.  ~ Delilah