Home Depot - Spring Gardening Sweepstakes

I'm teaming up with The Home Depot again to bring you fabulous items for your spring garden. Got a gardening issue? Tell me! The Home Depot and I will choose a dilemma and create a informative video telling you how to solve it!

Five (5) lucky gardeners will be chosen at random to receive a $200 gift card to garden shop 'till ya drop!

Friday Night Girls & Tate's Bake Shop

Every Friday night, for the next several weeks, I'll be giving away some delicious gifts from Tate's Bake Shop! Tate's Bake Shop is committed to uncompromising quality and bake-craft. Cookies, tea loaves, brownies, cakes, pies, oh my! 

Call me and tell me your Friday Night Girls story and you may be the lucky recipient of one of the many, many, beautiful gift packages that Tate's Bake Shop lovingly puts together.

888- 6-DELILAH (888-633-5452)

It's Friday Night Girls!!!