I am so thrilled for my show to be carried on AFNRadio!

I am a loud and proud supporter of our men and women in uniform.

I've created this section of my web page for you; those who are serving, those who have served, and the family and friends that bear much of the weight of your service to our country.

My grandfather, Bud B. McGowne, a farmer and sole supporter of his family, enlisted in the US Navy at age 42 because he felt compelled to do his part during WWII. My brother, Lt. Matthew M. Luke, joined the US Air Force as an officer after graduation from college as an engineer. Numerous young men and women from my home town enlisted in the service after high school... and years later I said good-bye and good luck to my children's classmates.

Several years ago I was asked to be a part of a USO tour in Afghanistan. I cannot put in to words how the experience touched me and I've never felt so proud and humbled as when I was asked to be an honorary Air Force Reserve Member.  My military roots run deep, and my pride and gratitude deeper still.

My hope is that my show is a safe, warm, comforting place for you, the brave, to come home to.  


Tell your story &
Make a Dedication

I'm looking for your stories and dedications. Are you currently serving in the armed forces? Previously served? If so, THANK YOU! 

Is it a family member or friend that has served or is serving?

Write to me! Tell me of your experiences. Here's the kind of thing I'm looking for:

  • Want to send a dedication? Let's do it!
  • What was your inspiration to serve?
  • Who are you missing? Tell me where they're serving, what you miss the most, about their heart...

Be creative, be real, be raw.  I want them all, your best memories, your heart-felt moments, your silly stories told on others and yourself!

Please complete the form and send away! Mail will always reach me if you send it to stories@delilah.com

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Support Services

We all need support. You, our men, women, and families that serve in the American Forces, have many different challenges than civilians. This section is dedicated to providing you with some easy-to-locate resources and links.  

I welcome your input and additions! If you've benefited from a support program or network, please write to me on the Stories/Dedications section and tell me about it. Please provide the web address and other pertinent information for me to check them out and add to our list.  

Always remember how much you are valued and appreciated!

  • Military OneSource - Get to know your benefits and prepare for the big stuff – deploymentsreintegrationmovesparenthoodretirement and more. Browse by topic or search for that strangely specific question you want to know the answers to. No matter where military life takes you, with Military OneSource you'll always be in the loop. Go HERE.
  • Military.com - an on-line magazine for Military and Veterans has great articles about all things military and many, many resource links including Benefits, Jobs, and Discounts to name a few. Go HERE.
  • Defense Suicide Prevention - An all-branch support resource!
    Go HERE.
  • Operation WE ARE HEREa wonderful collective of resources for the military community and military supporters containing support links for:
    • Caregivers
    • ETS (transition to civilian)
    • Families of the fallen (Gold Star families)
      Female veterans
    • Home front families
    • Parents of military
    • PTSD
    • Reintegration
    • TBI
    • Wounded warriors