Root Beer Float Caramel Corn

Sometimes a treat appears in the studio that confounds me. Root Beer Float Caramel Corn was one such thing that landed on the counter recently that did just that.

This delicious little treat comes from our very own Steve Made - hubby of office manager and bestie Dee Dee - as do most of the delicious little treats that find their way to us.

The batch he shared combines popcorn and pretzels but no nuts because one of our producers is allergic and Steve is kind that way. (Or perhaps he’s just squeamish, anaphylactic shock isn’t pretty.) No matter, the point is, he says you can toss some peanuts or almonds into the mix if you so desire.

I found the root beer flavor to be subtle enough not to overpower, but definitely noticeable so that you know you’re not munching on run-of-the-mill