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I'm always looking for great stories. Have one? Please share so that I can too! 

Here's the kind of thing I'm looking for:

  • Your soulmate: How did/do you know?
  • Your inspiration: Who? How?
  • A mother's love, a father's heart; The gift of family.
  • Missing: Has someone left your life? Passed on? Tell me about their heart.
  • Reunited: A friend, a loved one, a sibling, bio parents... 
  • Dog of the Day Award: What did your loved one do to land in the dog house?
  • Angel of the Night: Did you meet a stranger who helped you in an unexpected way?

Be creative, be real, be raw.  I want them all, your best memories, your heart-felt moments, your silly stories told on others and yourself!

I'll send gifts to those whose writings touch my heart and I feel need passing along.

Please complete the form and send away! Mail will always reach me if you send it to  

Happy writing,

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